Sonitrol teams with Sielox for access

Rebranded Pinnacle package for enterprise-level customers
Monday, May 1, 2006

LAS VEGAS--Sielox, formerly Checkpoint Systems Access Control Products and now a subsidiary of L Q Corporation, announced here at ISC West a new sales agreement with Sonitrol whereby the integrator will brand and sell Sielox's Pinnacle Access Control solution to enterprise-level customers.
Sonitrol's vice president of marketing, Gregg Groenemann, said the renamed Sonitrol Enterprise Access will complement the company's already successful Sonitrol Managed Access product.
Within their largely commercial business, Groenemann said, most companies are happy to let Sonitrol handle the access control and monitoring from Sonitrol's central station. "They don't want to deal with security. They want to know that Sonitrol has the expertise, staff and infrastructure to manage their access program," he said, though Sonitrol has recently added My Sonitrol, a web portal that allows end users to make their own changes to Managed Access.
Other end users, however, want much more control over their access control, without using Sonitrol's monitoring services. "They just want to buy it and have someone service it," he said. "We decided that we wanted to look at some more innovative technology out there." In the end, Sonitrol decided on Sielox to handle the enterprise-level accounts, and another to-be-named partner for what he described as "mid-market" jobs.
"They chose us based on reliability," said Karen Evans, Sielox president, and Groenemann agreed. "It's not only that it's a strong, stable product," he said, "it's also compatible with all previous versions." Plus, he said, "it's very scalable," which allows Sonitrol to use the product for its wide range of customers, and Sonitrol liked Pinnacle for its "ease of integration."
"They've created [software development kits] to customize this into our customers' existing infrastructure," he said. That will allow Sonitrol to further develop the product, targeting it to specific vertical markets: "That's what our customers want."