Sound minds and bodies

Health is central in expansion of Sonitrol Pacific's monitoring station
Saturday, December 1, 2007

EVERETT, Wash.--Sonitrol Pacific, a security provider concentrated in the Northwest, announced Oct. 19 the expansion of its monitoring station, now equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities and focused on the health of its operators.
"We're really focused on moving toward the future with our new facility and keeping our operators healthy and happy so they can take great care of our clients," said Pamela Singleton, director of communications for Sonitrol Pacific.
The Everett facility, which grew from 3,200 square feet to 8,700 square feet, placed the monitoring station on the second floor so "operators have windows all around and daylight, which I think has changed them as people," said Singleton.
In addition, Sonitrol Pacific constructed a fitness center on the third floor of the facility, accessible to employees 24/7, so as to accommodate varying work schedules. The workout room includes an elliptical machine, treadmill, recumbent bike and open space for yoga as well as a big screen TV, DVD player, stereo system and full shower facilities.
"We believe keeping everyone healthy helps the overall business," said Singleton.
Sonitrol Pacific currently monitors approximately 6,000 accounts and is owned by Sound Security which owns five Sonitrol franchises run under the name Sonitrol Pacific. "At this point, we only monitor our own accounts, but with our new expansion we're considering taking on monitoring for some other businesses," said Singleton.