Speco’s InPro is for network-shy dealers

Monday, December 1, 2008

NEW YORK--At ISC East here, Speco Technologies was showing off its new “auto networking” intelligent protocol “InPro” IP camera series, which is specifically designed for residential and small-business applications and for installers who are not networking experts.

“A lot of people in the industry run away from network DVRs or network cameras,” said Gary Perlin, vice president of CCTV products for Speco. These installers will like InPro, he said, because it’s basically a plug-and-play network camera. “It automatically finds an open port, jumps the firewall, identifies itself on the local network ... within 30 seconds.”

In addition, users can connect to the cameras from anywhere “using a unique camera ID and password.”

Asked if the lagging economy will hurt sales of residential cameras, Lauren Vagnone, Speco marketing manager said, “When you talk about the economy, now is the time that homeowners want to protect what they have ... It’s a product for this time.”