Speco expansion enables streamlined operations

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

AMITYVILLE, N.Y.--An expansion now underway at Speco Technologies' headquarters means more than just additional office space for the camera, DVR speaker and amplifier manufacturer. It will enable the company to streamline its product ordering process to get shipments packed up and ready to send to customers within a matter of minutes.
The addition, when completed in the spring of 2006, will increase the privately held company's space by one-third, or 10,000 square feet. The company broke ground on the construction project in September.
The expansion coincides with a significant increase in business for Speco Technologies, which grew 20 percent over the previous year. Much of that increase can be traced to DVR sales, an additional product the company began offering three years ago, according to Pat Lathouris, director of marketing communications for Speco Technologies.
With that growth came the need to pack up more products for shipment to customers in a timely fashion. To do this, Speco Technologies included a larger warehouse--accounting for 25 percent of space within the building--in its expansion plans and hired a new warehouse manager to streamline operations.
"We've implemented some inventory management systems here that have allowed us to be more efficient in what we do," said Peter Botelho, general manager of Speco Technologies.
One change that has already taken place is an improved product shipment process that enables the company to print a pick-and-ship ticket in real time and then pack up that product for a shipping station within 15 minutes. Previously, it could take hours before warehouse employees filled an order.
The company also set aside space in the larger facility to double the size of its product training facility to accommodate 50 people. And, down the road it expects to increase its customer support staff, which began offering 12 hours of support recently.