SST expands into international market

Nemerofsky to head up global accounts division
Thursday, April 6, 2006

NORRISTOWN, Penn.--At the behest of customers, systems integrator Security Services & Technologies announced in March a new global accounts division, which will be led by president John Nemerofsky, the former president of the national accounts division.
"It's been asked of us for about five years now," said Nemerofsky. "Our client base has asked us to do things for them internationally, and we've said no because we didn't think we'd have a fast enough delivery factor," plus there were currency and language barrier concerns. "They said, 'Look, we're not getting good delivery [internationally] as it is, so don't worry about that.'" Things quickly went ahead, said Nemerofsky, and SST already finds itself managing projects in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Nemerofsky said hurdles have included cultural issues, getting up to speed on local codes in a variety of countries and even having to work with different camera standards, both NTSC and PAL.
SST currently has 15 North American offices, and with the Canadian integrator Intercon makes up FirstService Security, a division of the FirstService Corp. holding company. Nemerofsky said, since each region operates as its own profit-and-loss center, the new global focus won't require much reorganization. "As far as servicing clients," he said, "the global expansion is under the national division that was already serving national accounts."
Further, Nemerofsky will have locals on the ground doing much of the installation. SST has 14 qualified integration partner companies between Europe, Asia, Latin and South America. The key is that the customer "will have a centralized project manager they can talk to while three or five projects are going on."
The global division will also be manned by Jim Lonie, vice president of global operations; Rich Caesar, director of global engineering; Jim Kitchen, director of global sales; and Ryan Loughin, director of global sales.

See the May issue of Security Systems News for a report on new Intercon president, John van Schepen.