SST vet starts head-hunting firm

Monday, January 1, 2007

NEWTOWN, Pa.--Coming directly from his role as co-founder and president of the global accounts division at integrator SST, John Nemerofsky has launched Total Search Solutions, an executive search firm concentrating on the security industry. Based here, not far from his old SST offices, TSS is currently staffed with a researcher and recruiter, and Nemerofsky said he's already working with some of the industry's largest manufacturers.
After getting SST's global division up and running, he said he found himself in a maintenance role, "and less of a building role. I still very much view myself as an entrepreneur and was struggling being a maintenance man." He said, over the course of growing SST from five employees to 600, "finding talent was the hardest thing to do." He has put together a 15-step process, covering everything from needs-analysis to interviewing technique to follow-through, which he thinks is superior to the "contingency" experience many companies have with executive recruiters.
"Basically," said Nemerofsky, "they say, 'If you find somebody, let me know.' That doesn't do justice to the client and it doesn't do justice to the recruiter or the people putting the resume on the street." TSS will help the client identify needs for the position, figure out the proper compensation package, then go find the right person for the job, regardless of how long it takes.
"They pay the same as for the contingency model," but lose the uncertainty, he said.