Stanley launches camera line

Thursday, December 14, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of integrated access control and security solutions, on Dec. 5 announced the rollout of a suite of Stanley cameras, for the first time getting into the manufacture of video-based products, including surveillance cameras and LCD monitors. By some accounts North America's largest integrator of security systems, the company's integration arm will be the only buyer of the cameras for the time being.
"It is our goal to have them distributed through other channels as well," said Adrian Dobrisan, global product line manager for Stanley Security Solutions, responsible for managing all video products installed by Stanley. "But at this point, it's too early. In our opinion, we should add more products to the line to make it successful through other channels." Current offerings are "general purpose-type" indoor and outdoor box and dome cameras, as well as flat-panel monitors.
Why release cameras now, into a market seemingly crowded with camera manufacturers? "The truth is," said Dobrisan, "we didn't have the size and volume required for such a project in the past. In the past couple of years we've grown significantly, and we've reached a certain size that allows us to afford such an investment." He didn't have a figure available in terms of expenditure on the project, but he said the company has been developing the line for 18 months, with the last six months devoted to product testing.
Dobrisan said Stanley not only tested the new products for performance and durability, but also benchmarked the cameras against "many, many other products from the market." That, along with hundreds of customer and internal interviews, makes these cameras and monitors "truly field-driven products," he said.
"We're not the first ones on the market, obviously," said Dobrisan, "but we were experts in integrating, and we waited for the technology to stabilize, and we think we made the right decisions in terms of feature sets."