Suffolk, Va. updates false alarm reduction program

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SUFFOLK, Va.--Suffolk City Council on May 6 heard an update on the false alarm reduction program the city is implementing. The ordinance requires alarm system vendors and owners to be registered with the police department and with Alarm Tracking and Billing (ATB), a third-party company engaged to track and bill repeat false-alarm offenders.

Alarm system vendors will pay a $100 registration fee annually, while users will pay $25 annually. There also are fees attached to false alarms. The ordinance allows registered alarm owners one false burglary alarm without a charge. After that warning, the second false alarm can result in a $25 fee; the third, $50; and the fourth or subsequent, $100. For a false robbery or panic alarm, the first gets a warning; the second, $50; the third, $100; and the fourth or subsequent, $200.

For those who aren’t registered, every occurrence of a false alarm can cost $100. Fire and medical alarms are not included in the false alarm reduction program. Billing for false alarms began June 1.

Suffolk has an online class to learn how to reduce false alarms available at