Summit is fired up

The Mircom company offers fire brand for U.S. installers
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

VAUGHAN, Ontario--To offer a fire product to the mainstream security market in the United States, Mircom is rebranding a product line early next year under the Summit Systems Technologies name.
The additional fire product brand includes three series of fire alarm panels and a complete line of smoke detectors, pull stations, duct detectors and other accessories. In early 2006, Summit Systems will launch a single loop addressable control panel. A separate line, sold under the Mircom and Secutron names, continue to focus on the engineered systems distributors market.
"A lot of independent distributors are looking for independent choices," said Rick Falbo, national sales manager for Summit Systems, about the reason the privately held fire product and video intercom company made this addition.
According to Lee Devito, a fire industry consultant and president of consulting firm FirePro, adding the Summit brand is a smart move by Mircom.
"That's how Mircom has been able to step in the door to get more business," said Devito. "With all the consolidation, we're starting to see distributors say 'I've lost my independence and I need to find another supplier'."
Over the past several years, the fire products market experienced tremendous consolidation. Honeywell's extensive fire product family bought Gamewell, while General Electric acquired Edwards Systems Technology.
Today, both ESDs and fire systems installers are left with few choices when it comes to fire product manufacturers and fewer independents.
Falbo said adding the Summit Systems brand eliminates any potential distribution channel conflict, since it will only be sold in the United States and made available to security systems installers.
"We've got the distinction now that if you're buying a product it will be labeled Summit and there won't be a competing distribution channel," he said.