SureView announces Immix/Digital Acoustics integration

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
TAMPA, Fla.--SureView Systems announced May 26 it had successfully completed the integration of Digital Acoustics two-way audio suite into Immix, the company’s automation software platform.
“Like a lot of things in the security industry, technology and products are end user-driven, and what we’re seeing is a huge spike out in the field of end users requesting two-way audio capabilities through a central station environment,” SureView executive vice president of sales Matt Krebs said.
Bill Thorpe, president of Atlanta-based Remote Systems Solutions, claims the new, integrated Immix saves time, makes his company’s job easier, and improves performance. “We use the platform as a dashboard. When we’re looking at a site that gives us an alarm, we can pull it up, look at the video, use the video appliances, use the audio appliances - it’s all right there on the head-end screen. It’s very intuitive for our officers, and with the nature of what we do, that’s very important,” Thorpe said.