SureView announces Openeye integration

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TAMPA, Fla.—SureView Systems on Oct. 13 announced it had successfully completed the integration of OpenEye’s video recording solutions into its Immix automation software platform.

The integration “really strengthens our DVR and video portfolio, in general. They bring a lot to the table,” insisted SureView EVP sales Matt Krebs. “It services our end user customers very, very well.”

OpenEye, a designer and manufacturer of video security and surveillance solutions, offers a range of network, hybrid, and analog video recorders. Designed to provide a flexible transition from analog to network IP video, OpenEye video solutions aim to help customers future-proof their investment in video surveillance.

“This integration allows OpenEye’s product line to be integrated into our software platform so it can now be exposed to a central station monitoring distribution channel,” Krebs continued. “So if they’re looking for their equipment out into the field to be monitored by a central station, they can now integrate with Immix. It allows them to reach a much larger distribution channel.”

Openeye Executive VP of sales Ed Solt said, “The key is seamless integration that will afford central stations to manage more and more video feeds with the least amount of additional operators. It’s the business metric for the central station to be able to more efficiently process alarm signals with video,” Solt said. “We do both hardware and software solutions from $600 DVRs to $6,000 NVRs and all the hybrid video recording systems in between … It allows our integration partners to build their managed services and the RMR part of their business.”

Immix delivers a single platform to manage video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control, and VoIP audio.