SureView upgrades for ESX

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--SureView Systems, a central station software development company with offices in the United Kingdom and Florida, released a new version of its automation software platform, Immix 2008, at the Electronic Security Expo here June 25-27. The Immix software is a UL-listed automation software that allows central stations to receive alarm events from standard receivers, video and access control systems in one integrated platform.

“We’ve widened the scope of the product in terms of what types of devices it supports and what manufacturers we’re working with,” said SureView chief executive officer, Graham Johnson. He said the new release will support digital alarm receivers such as Bosch, DSC’s Sur-Gard and DMP. SureView has also added several partnership agreements with large video manufacturers such as Pelco, Axis and Panasonic as well as agreements with HID for further access control integration and VideoIQ for analytics.

Johnson said the market for video-based central station software has increased significantly in the last year as central stations look to supplement traditional alarm monitoring with video services. “Integration is important as central stations start to sell integrated services where they’re pulling together their access control, fire and burg and video systems and we’re providing them with a single platform,” he said.

Bill Bozeman, president and chief executive officer of PSA Security, has seen the SureView software at work as part of Integrator Support, a company launched by PSA to help integrators provide video monitoring, using ViewPoint CRM’s central station in Boston. “This software allows us to monitor almost any existing legacy products that are out in the field,” he said. “For example, a 10-year-old video system in a warehouse, we can integrate to that system, connect to it and monitor it, which is amazing because SureView lets us go backwards. The problem with other systems is that you have to use their stuff, but with SureView, it’s almost agnostic to the type of products you can monitor.”

Bozeman said that the SureView software makes monitoring of several different services easy for operators because the system works on one graphical user interface (GUI). “It is the cleanest solution that I’ve seen to make remote guarding and remote access control feasible and manageable in a central station environment,” Bozeman said. “Prior to SureView you could possibly have to monitor those systems using five, six, seven different software packages. With SureView it comes up on one GUI and it makes remote monitoring of access control and video manageable.”

Johnson said the release of Immix 2008 demonstrates SureView’s growth and position in the market. “We’ve really made the integration of future devices much easier,” he said. “We’ve reached a level of maturity that allows us to work with companies like HID and Pelco.”