SureView/DICE integrate to offer centrals universal alarm/video solution

Friday, July 31, 2009

TAMPA, Fla.—SureView Systems and DICE Corporation on July 30 announced an integration between their two automation platforms. The integration allows central stations to utilize the advanced video monitoring features of Immix while updating the alarm and history information into the DICE database.

DICE president Cliff Dice said the integration will benefit users of the integrated solution and could very well set a trend of more industry-wide integrations. “A lot of my competitors don’t like to integrate. From DICE’s standpoint, the more we’re integrated, the better off the customer is,” Dice said. “One of things about Immix over other video products is they have the capacity to have history of what you’re doing … Immix with DICE is really the first time I’ve ever seen a video product in my alarm history be able to show everything.”

 Immix is a video-centric automation platform to manage all video surveillance/CCTV, access control, and VoIP audio. The DICE automation platform is an alarm management system for processing intrusion and fire alarms, as well as an integrated accounting, sales and service management system.

Matt Krebs, EVP SureView Systems, agreed the DICE/Immix integration could have big implications for the industry as a whole. “The convergence of two technologies like this will be trendsetting in the industry. Ultimately, I know on the backside DICE has—as do we—universal interface capabilities with other automation providers, so we can actually be an industry-wide impact solution,” Krebs said. “Ultimately, we wanted to deliver a seamless product to the marketplace that could take automation across all technologies sectors—from burg to fire, access, video, audio—and present it all in one unified solution … We’re going to market with what we feel is going to be the first of that type of solution.”

ESC Central of Birmingham, Ala., is the first joint customer to install this new integration that will be officially rolled out at the DICE Users’ Group from Aug. 24-27. Kristi Harris, ESC Central VP, said the integration makes life at ESC easier. “This integration makes our operators’ jobs easier and in turn increases their efficiency … In the past we have had to train our operators on each DVR platform for video monitoring and discovered that expecting an operator to retain the skills needed to handle these alarms asked too much of them,” Harris said in an email interview. “In my view we have increased our efficiency and productivity while decreasing our risk of making simple mistakes.”