Switch of a name and a location

Friday, April 1, 2005

SAVANNAH, Ga. - The newly branded Savannah, Ga. office of ADS Security relocated in January - leaving behind its previous space it occupied for 11 years.

The move occurred just as the company was in the midst of changing its name from United Security to ADS Security. Although the company was acquired by ADS in 1990, management did not go forward with a change until the beginning of this year (see related story on this page).

The new location, which is the same size of the previous one at 1,600 square feet, assists in making the name and the company more visible as it is located between two major highways.

“It was time to move out of the older building and into a new location,” said Scott Reinke, general manager of ADS Security of Savannah. “At our new location, there are 36,000 cars that go by per day.”

That visibility pushes the company forward with its goals of growing both the residential and commercial sides of the business. Although the customer base is more residential than commercial, Reinke said commercial revenue is increasing and both segments have growth potential.

“We’re turning the corner as far as the residential market and are looking to grow and maintain the customers we have,” Reinke said. “This area is primed for major growth.”

Reinke specifically noted that there will be opportunities on the horizon, as he expects a corporation to move into the area after auto giant Daimler-Chrysler abandoned its plans to build a van manufacturing plant in nearby Pooler, Ga.

“Once someone comes in, this area is going to explode,” Reinke said. “We’ll be all over it.”

Mel Mahler, president of ADS Security, said the company as a whole is looking for opportunities to increase its footprint in the Southeast.

“We’re planning on growing,” Mahler said.