Technology gives fire firm agility

Thursday, January 1, 2004

BURNABY, British Columbia - A fire firm here is seeing efficiencies, including significant advances on its competition, by adopting new technology for its field service personnel and back office functions.

Over the last year, Bartec Fire Safety Systems has seen savings of about one to two hours per days for each of its 15 technicians and sales staff by implementing Tablet PCs, used as virtual workstations, said company president Rob Barrett.

“When we are doing scheduling, we move people around the jobs,” Barrett said. With all the work orders on paper, technicians would have to physically meet to switch paperwork. All that is now done electronically.

Barrett’s investment of about $3,000 Canadian for eight to 10 tablet PCs now allows his company to get a report out on a job in one hour where it might take a competitor three weeks.