Telular’s TG-11 bridges loss-of-landline gap

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ATLANTA, Ga.--At ASIS International here on Sept. 15, Telular Corporation, a manufacturer of alarm and event monitoring solutions and services, unveiled its newest cellular alarm communicator, the TG-11.

Shawn Welsh, VP marketing and business development for Telular said that the TG-11 is a cellular device that bridges the security system communication gap that end users encounter as they abandon their landlines to go fully mobile. Welsh said that three factors will drive the TG-11’s success: affordability, ease and speed of installation, and simple, post-installation operational maintenance.

The TG-11 costs $149, takes just minutes to complete the simple, almost tool-less installation, and the need for maintenance after the initial install and setup is virtually non-existent.

The TG-11 is available now in ADI outlets nationwide.