There’s still room for sophisticated hardware in a software-savvy world

Despite technology, demand for ‘strong locks’ high
Friday, August 1, 2003

High-security locking systems, made up of the toughest bolts and impossible to pick or drill mechanisms, are still garnering a lot of attention among those seeking security solutions.

But even with the advances and options offered by electronics-based systems and access control, sometimes a strong lock is just what people are looking for, said Mike Groves, vice president at Federal Lock & Safe, Arlington, Va.

“The hardware today is machined to very fine tolerances,” Groves said. “These locks are designed to defeat people.”

In addition, he said, referring to the key duplication controls that accompany these high-security offerings, “people have come to realize they want to know where their keys are and who has them.”

The high-security keyed system, with pick- and drill-resistant features “is a booming part of our business,” said Tom Harris, vice president-product management for YSG Door Security Consultants in Charlotte, N.C.

He said upgrading traditional locking systems often goes hand in hand with the addition of access control within a commercial application.

“People still use a lot of keys,” he explained, adding while access control may provide a certain level of limitations to where people can go, a keyed system is yet another line of defense.

Groves of Federal Lock & Safe agreed. Many companies, he said, “are combining tough hardware with digital access control.” Such approaches to locking systems, he said, “give people the flexibility and the security they need.”

What used to be very complex and laborious, Groves said, looking back on his 15 years in the industry, “but technology has given us a real leg up with this hardware.”