They have a new name, but it’s the same association

Connecticut BFAA adopts different title to describe varied security services members offer
Thursday, July 1, 2004

WILTON, Conn. - The Connecticut Burglar & Fire Alarm Association has adopted a new name, making it the second state security association to make such a change.

The association will now be known as the Connecticut Alarm & Systems Integrators Association, or CASIA for short.

“We felt that we needed a name that more accurately described the cross-section of our members,” said Rick Weiss, president of the Connecticut association. “Most people in our industry now are no longer just burglar and fire alarm people. Most members are doing structured cable, access control and networks.”

The first state alarm association to take on a new name was the Massachusetts Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, which changed its name in early 2003, to the Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association. Like Connecticut, Massachusetts wanted to better describe the services offered by its members. State association members also felt a new name would give the group a leg up on legislation that aimed to preclude alarm companies from doing telecommunications related work.

For Connecticut, the benefit is not only expected to come from better conveying the type of work done by member companies, but also by attracting a broader member base. The association currently has 140 members, but that could grow if more structured cabling companies join the organization.

Weiss expects other state associations may follow suit, especially as groups look for ways to define the evolving security market. “For our state, there’s no association that represents what the industry terms as the systems integrator,” he said.

Connecticut began considering a new name last year. But when it came to selecting one, the association wanted to keep the state and the word alarm in the title so the organization would be recognized by the fire and police departments . “That’s so we wouldn’t lose too much of what we had worked to build,” said Weiss.

After proposing the name change to members earlier this year, the board approved the measure in April. CASIA is now working on a new logo and letterhead.