They've built it: Will integrators come?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FOXBORO, Mass.--While PSA and 1nService work under the supposition that physical and logical integrators will increasingly partner, there remains the question of whether the rank and file will take advantage of the opportunities the groups are fostering.

Michael Roy, a 27-year veteran of the physical security industry (he recently switched business cards when Red Hawk bought New England Security, then got new senior management when UTC purchased Red Hawk), was at the recent Focus event here.

“I’m looking to see what other companies are doing,” he said. “We’re doing some work with [IT networking companies], and if we’re going to be able to walk the walk, we have to be able to talk the talk.”

He said seminars were important to his professional development, as is training and support provided by manufacturers.

“The one company that’s been very good to us has been Verint,” Roy said. “They have great technical knowledge and when we’re in a situation where we’re looking at a bid to a client, we’ll bring in one of their reps and they’ll go with us to the site.”

Does he see Red Hawk using the 1nService affiliation to its advantage? “At this point, I’d have to learn more about 1nService,” Roy said. “I really appreciated the efforts at that seminar, but I didn’t see where we’d call on that a lot at this point.”