TI’s library speeds analytics

Thursday, January 1, 2009

BEIJING--In a move video security business manager Danny Petkevich said would make video analytics perform as much as 10 times better, speed development, and lower costs, Texas Instruments has released its VLIB software library of 40 royalty-free kernels. This, said Petkevich, will allow manufacturers of video analytics to offer more features, with better performance, at a higher resolution, with more frames per second, and use lower-cost chips.

Texas Instruments sees this as a major push to get video analytics out of the innovator stage and into the early adopter stage.

“We’re not providing analytics,” he emphasized. “What we are providing is a collection of software kernels that do the basic pixel processing of analytics. We’re a turbo-charger for all these guys who do analytics.”

Texas Instruments envisions a not-too-distant future where video analytics are in many everyday areas: a camera will be embedded in your TV so that you change channels with hand motions instead of a remote; robots will take action based upon what they “see”; video game systems will use video analytics to eliminate the need for a controller.

“We know this is coming,” he said. “So we built an R&D team to decide: What are the key things we need to know? What do manufacturers need to accelerate?” Not only does the library allow existing analytics manufacturers to more easily differentiate themselves, it also allows new parties to more quickly enter the market. TI estimates the software kernels will save 36 man-months of development work, right off the bat.

Best of all for the integrator and end user, “this will lower the overall system cost for deploying analytics significantly.”