TOA restructures division for U.S. entry

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--No longer able to ignore the U.S. market for security products, TOA Corp. restructured its U.S. subsidiary's sales strategy this spring by adding security hardware to its roster of audio products.
Founded more than 70 years ago, TOA Corp. is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of audio and security products. TOA Electronics, based here, until now had singularly addressed the U.S. market with audio products.
Already offering security products in other markets around the world, the company comes out of the gate with cameras, monitors, network cameras and network recorders. TOA's decision comes at a time when networked video is making serious strides within the industry and the U.S. market continues to have one of the biggest appetites for security systems than any other place in the world.
And, the opportunities for revenue in this market could no longer be ignored, according to Allan Lamberti, director of sales who oversees the company's audio products and security divisions. Lamberti joined the company last October with the mission of establishing a sales department and an expansion strategy for the company.
"The biggest challenge is to get into the field and meet with security installation firms," said Lamberti on one of the first things the company has done since it reorganized. He continued with his point, "to show these guys we're here to help them with quality products and the ability to generate as much profit as possible."
Lamberti previously worked at ADT Security as general manager for central New England and at Elmo as general manager and managing director.