Top 10 percent of security professionals earn $346K annually, according to report

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, May 5, 2005

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--A recent report from ASIS International found that the top 10 percent of security professionals in the United States earned $346,000 in 2003, up from $307,320 the previous year.
The report, "U.S. Security Salary Survey Results, 2004," is based on responses from nearly 1,700 security professionals from 13 industry sectors and nine geographic regions within the United States, including 70 metropolitan areas.
Positions within the field that are covered include those in architecture, engineering, electronics, banking, insurance and financial services.
Employers and employees alike can use data collected through the survey to better negotiate salary benefits, according Mike Moran, special projects editor at the association. Using the report, individuals can determine wages for hourly workers and how certain certifications influence pay scales, for example.
Geographically, the highest median salary in 2003 of $80,000 was found in the Mountain region, followed by the East South Central region with $79,700 in 2003 and New England at $75,500.
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