Tri-Ed embraces Napco

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOODBURY, N.Y.--Distributor Tri-Ed and manufacturer Napco will have much stronger ties going forward as part of an "Infinity Marketing Program," launched in August. Tri-Ed customers will notice a Napco "product headquarters" in every branch as well as an uptick in training, said Tri-Ed senior VP James Rothstein, "especially on the video product."

That video product, iSee, which allows dealers to offer residential customers an easy-to-install monitored video service, is one of the reasons Tri-Ed has made the commitment to Napco. "They've always been ahead of the curve in terms of innovative products in the intrusion space," said Rothstein. "And their move into the residential video space is, I think, very important."

Judy Jones, VP of marketing at Napco, is blunt about the way dealers have embraced iSee: "I don't know that we've ever seen such universal appeal among the dealers."

Part of the appeal is the recurring revenue model, Jones said, and it's also a way for dealers to go back to their existing base with a new offering, "but it's also a new product for the security market, in that instead of a peace of mind sale, it's more of a trendy lifestyle sale that gets at people's love for their cell phones."

"Evidently," Rothstein chuckled, "a very popular aspect of this is people looking at their pets."

While the Napco offering isn't necessarily unique, Rothstein thinks it's well positioned because it comes from Napco, a company that many residential dealers already work with and trust.

"I don't know that security dealers have the quickest adoption of new technology," Rothstein said. "but I think intrusion guys, burglar alarm installation guys, are more comfortable with technology when it's coming from a supplier they're familiar with. A bunch of other guys have traditional solutions, but they're not the traditional intrusion players."

And to further comfort the dealer base, Jones noted that both companies share a commitment to training on new technology, saying there were some 20 trainings scheduled just for the month of August.