Tried, tested and true - Group to review biometric products

Thursday, October 27, 2005

MORGANTOWN, W.V.--Have you ever wondered whether a particular biometric fingerprint product performs accurately or if it meets certain biometric standards? A non-profit group plans to answer those questions and more as part of a new testing program that launches early next year.
The National Biometric Security Project is leading the effort to test biometric products, such as iris, fingerprint, hand geometry and voice scans. The group begins its Qualified Product List in early 2006 and expects to release the first round of results in April, according to Russ Ryan, vice president of information and communication for the National Biometrics Security Project.
"This particular program, unlike others, is really the first time where products are going to be tested against a published list of protocols," said Ryan.
Manufacturers that want their product reviewed will hire NBSP to perform a set test on their product. If there is an industry standard within a particular product category, NBSP will also test if a product complies with that standard. A listing of products that pass NBSP's tests will then be made available to security systems installers and corporate security directors online.
"For the ones that don't pass, we'll then tell them where they fell short," said Ryan.
The NBSP is using 200 human subjects during a six- to eight-week period to test biometric products as part of its QPL program.