The two IPs

Sunday, February 1, 2009

For a slow month, when everyone was busy stuffing dollars into their mattresses, I sure was busy. Between launching our new video channel (ssnTVnews), trouble-shooting our brand-new industry-specific vertical search engine, putting together our IP Technology White Paper, and finalizing details for our TechSec Solutions conference (book your tickets to Dallas, Feb. 23-25, right now), I barely had time to actually pay attention to what’s going on in the industry.

Clearly, however, two themes are shaping up to be the dominant discussion points of 2009: Internet Protocol and Intellectual Property.

There is no question that IP technology has taken hold of the security industry, but there is great debate as to how strong that hold is. Pixim says it’s still selling 90 percent of its product into analog cameras; nearly 60 percent of our readers don’t seen standards on the near horizon. Are we over-selling IP technology to ourselves? Maybe this is something we can talk about at TechSec.

As for Intellectual Property, as the economy initiates and accelerates and industry shakeout, that IP is the new gold standard. We see ADT fighting to protect it, S2 celebrating its protection through patent, and I am awaiting an announcement any day that someone has purchased the Steelbox technology.

Technology will be the way companies differentiate themselves - as long as they can communicate to the marketplace what they have before it’s too late.