UCC beats customer sign up projections

Sunday, August 1, 2004

SAN ANTONIO, Tex-as - United Central Control is on track to surpass its goal of 52 new dealer contracts for the year, having already signed 25 dealers since the first of the year. The new business has translated into 20,000 accounts for the alarm monitoring company.

UCC has also surpassed its original new account budget and expects to reach 80,000 accounts by the end of the year. Just within the last two months, the company added 8,000 new accounts, said Mark Matlock, vice president of sales and marketing.

The wholesale alarm monitoring company held 70,000 accounts as of early June. Residential accounts for 65 percent of its business, with commercial business taking up the remaining 35 percent.

An average dealer that the company works with holds about 350 accounts.

Matlock attributes the company’s success to a dedicated marketing budget and facility upgrades.

For the past two years, the company has directed money to ensure consistent travel to trade shows, direct mailings and sponsoring seminars throughout the state of Texas.

President Don Munford estimates that $500,000 has been spent in technology and marketing upgrades over the past several years.

In June, the company switched over to DICE Automation, a project that took four months to complete.

“We spent about three and a half to four years learning about DICE; as it grew, and we grew,” said Matlock. He declined to state the name of its former vendor of five years.

UCC maintains a call center at its headquarters in San Antonio, and has about 50 employees. Within its facility there is a dispatch division that handles outgoing calls and a customer service division for incoming calls. “(Our) facility has infrastructure to support another 100,000 calls a month,” said Matlock.

“It lacked the wherewithal to market itself,” said Matlock of the company. But under his direction, it has relied on “aggressive marketing and word of mouth” for success, he said.