UCC now offers Xanboo

Dice powers UCC's new Security Enhanced Service
Saturday, August 1, 2009

NEW YORK, SAN ANTONIO and BAY CITY, Mich.--United Central Control, monitoring 170,000 commercial, residential and government alarm installations across the United States, announced in late June a new video offering from Xanboo. The Xanboo Security Enhanced Service is fully integrated with UCC’s video-enabling, automation platform from DICE.

Mark Matlock, UCC senior vice president, said the integration of Xanboo with UCC’s automation software meant better security, and added value. “[Xanboo has] a very dynamic platform that’s feature-rich, it’s got everything that the customer is looking for. It’s an easy product for the dealers to sell,” Matlock said. “DICE is our central station automation software. They provided the integration. They basically wrote the hook to tie in the Xanboo video to the DICE alarm event.”

Adam Eurich, DICE manager of central stations, said the integration added speed and efficiency to alarm verification. “When an alarm is presented to an operator, the DICE monitoring platform calls a web browser window up with the specific account and login information pre-populated for the signal,” Eurich said in an email interview. “This automatically takes the operator right into the Xanboo site to view the video fast and efficiently.”

Xanboo CEO Bill Diamond said Xanboo would also add value through its long list of features and competitive price. “We believe we have a very good platform for interactive services that enables advanced features like virtual keypad, live video, post-event video clips in the event of an alarm condition, and home automation. Combined with our recent launch of integration with DICE, and based on the feature set and the price that we offer, we think that it’s the best solution on the market for interactive services.”

Matlock stressed the plug-and-play nature of the solution, in addition to its utility for enhanced call verification, will make Xanboo Security Enhanced Service a tremendous value for UCC dealers. “The dealer doesn’t need to be an expert at all in routers or IP configuration or anything. The basic Xanboo is plug-and-play in the customer’s router … Then the dealer can focus on his core competency, which is integrating with the existing security system. That’s where he really gives value,” Matlock said. “The police love these systems. If we’re able to give them more information about the alarm that’s germane to the response, that’s good to have.”