U.S. centrals embrace IP signaling solution

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CANTON, Ga.--Emizon, a communications company providing dual-path signalling, which uses the IP/broadband network as its primary path and Vodafone’s GPRS network as its secondary path, on June 23 announced three U.S. monitoring centers - Monitoring Partners of Delray Beach, Fla., SentryNet of Greenville, Miss., and Statesville, N.C.-based Security Central - had signed on to use its Global 21 advanced signalling service.

According to Emizon EVP Jack McCurdy, Global 21 improves security, future-proofs security solutions, and makes installations easier. “[The installer] puts it in, and it not only allows him to convert a panel from communicating over the phone line to utilizing IP,” McCurdy said, “we also give him a built-in back up using wireless.”

Monitoring Partners’ controller Bill Lyons said the solution added value. “It is a universal transmitter for all contact ID panels. It’s a generic product that’s not brand-specific, which is nice,” Lyons said. “Because of changes in the telephony industry, with the state of the economy, with customers cutting back on landlines and going with IP connections only, this allows a natural migration from an analog to an IP-based communication method, and provides the customer with a higher level of security.”