USAG enters the market

Surveillance manufacturer focuses on dealers, warranties
Thursday, June 1, 2006

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.--Former Secure-Tek executive vice president Russ Cohen has announced the launch of a new manufacturing company, United Security Associates Group, focusing on enterprise- and professional-grade digital video management solutions.
Partnering with software developer Tom Shafron, whose claim to fame is the design of a Yahoo toolbar, Cohen said he's aiming to serve traditional installers with high-quality products and technical support.
"When I look at the security and surveillance business," said Cohen, "there are two sides: your traditional installer, who can hump cable, and now comes along the networking side of the business. We've found that the majority of the wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors are leaving that gap unattended, and they're not caring about the company that has worked for 40 years in placing surveillance and security in restaurants, hospitals, whatever it is."
Cohen said he feels "integrity" needs to be returned to the security manufacturing business, with renewed focus on the little guy.
"Something needs to be done," Cohen continued. "There needs to be attention paid to the traditional installer, who's not savvy on the networking side of the business, who needs a quality product with a guarantee ... to be trained, attended to, he needs a 24/7 communication line between his vendor, himself and his client."
Cohen plans to offer a five-year warranty on all of his DVRs, three years on all cameras, "and if it breaks down you're going to get a replacement unit in 24 hours," he said. "I will fly out one of my techs immediately to get this done." He also promises that all cameras and DVRs will be bench-tested before shipping, and will be stamped with a tested date.
Cohen currently has 25 employees, and shipped his first product at the end of April. USAG will distribute product for other companies, as well, offering a warranty "that supersedes any manufacturer's warranty by two years." The company is looking to open a manufacturing plant overseas (everything is currently made in the United States), and open offices in South America and the United Kingdom in the next six months.