Vallejo beefs up false alarm ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, October 8, 2009

VALLEJO, Calif.--According to a story in the Bay Area News Group’s Times Herald, false security alarms will cost Vallejo residents and businesses more in penalties starting Oct. 1, a police spokesman said.

The penalty increases, ranging from $3 to $11, were approved by the Vallejo City Council in July. False alarm fines will now range from $103 for a residential panic alarm to $311 for false alarms activated at a business.

About 41 percent of penalties invoiced are paid annually, the Vallejo PD said, noting repeat violators who don't pay wind up on a “do not respond” list.

An accidental false alarm that's canceled before police are dispatched, results in no penalty, and if the call is canceled after officers are dispatched but before they arrive at the scene, the penalty is cut in half.

The VPD offers a false alarm awareness class, found at, that can eliminate one penalty annually.