Vector adds EAS

Sunday, February 1, 2009

PITTSBURGH, Pa.--Vector Security has added electronic article surveillance to its portfolio of service offerings, a move company officials said further solidifies the company’s position in the loss prevention services space.

Vector, which has been providing fire, security and video surveillance services to retailers for the past 15 years, officially announced its EAS initiative this fall after completing a yearlong research project to determine potential market share.

Rex Gilette, director of North American sales for Vector, said research showed “the answer was overwhelmingly yes” as to whether the market would welcome another EAS provider. Currently, Sensormatic and Checkpoint share 85 percent of the overall market, but Gilette said retailers have had “little place to go” once they chose Acousto-Magnetic or Radio-Frequency legacy systems. That is where Vector is different, he said.

“Flexibility is at the core of our offerings,” said Dave Merrick, vice president, marketing for Vector. “We are sort of an independent, we can swing either way based on what the customer wants.”

Jim Shepherd, director of business development for Vector, who spearheaded the development of the EAS program, said the company has built a team, both sales and technical personnel, with experience in the EAS market.

Vector is also pushing the message that EAS technology does not begin with a tag and end with an alarm. Rather, the solution can be leveraged to extract operations data to make their employees and business more efficient.