For Vector, guard, electronic security go hand-in-hand

Thursday, October 14, 2004

October 14, 2004

PITTSBURGH - Vector Security has significantly increased its guard business thanks to its recent purchase of Firm Security, a guard and electronic security provider with offices here and in Philadelphia.
The acquisition is a strategic move for Vector Security in the guard market since it enables it to double its guard base to 400 and add guard service for a new area. Vector Security’s guard service has mainly focused on eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.
“It provided us, and afforded, us the opportunity to expand our guard and patrol division into western Pennsylvania, where we weren’t before,” said Vince DiValerio, president of acquisitions for Vector Security, about the purchase of Firm Security.
Vector Security has retained Firm Security’s employee base in the guard division, but only a few technicians and employees from Firm Security’s central station remain onboard. The company’s owner, Chuck Keefer, left the company to pursue other interests and Firm Security’s central station was closed.
For Firm Security, joining up with Vector Security provides the company with additional growth potential, plus the ability to leverage the Vector name with customers, according to Tom Beitler, former executive vice president of Firm Security. Beitler is now general manager of Vector Security’s Pittsburgh-based uniformed services.
The purchase of Firm Security coincides with Vector Security looking to grow its guard business into new markets. According to Danette Tizkowski, who heads Vector’s eastern Pennsylvania guard services program, the company is considering offering guard services in New Jersey and West Virginia.
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