VES dealer push continues

Friday, May 1, 2009

LAS VEGAS--In the 18 months or so since UK-based Kentec acquired Viking Electronic Services and renamed it VES Fire Detection Systems, the product line has been expanded, a central station added, and the push to add dealers has accelerated, VES president Ray King told Security Systems News during an ISC West interview.

“When we took VES onboard,” King said, “there were holes in the product line. It was weak compared to the line in Europe,” he said. “We’ve significantly improved the product line and plugged the holes,” he said.

VES’s development team in Philadelphia has worked closely with R&D in the U.K. on this effort, he said.

In addition, VES opened its own monitoring station and expanded its online presence within the past year. VES has been able to up its capabilities in a short time, in part, because it’s a small independent fire company, something that’s hard to find anymore, King said.

VES’s size (approximately 40 staff members in the U.S. and 130 in the U.K.), enables it to be flexible, while its technical capabilities and customer service make it competitive with larger fire conglomerates, King said.

And while it’s been expanding in the U.S., it’s also been expanding in Europe and the Middle East, where, King said, there is great demand for its U.L.-listed and FM-approved products.

The focus at ISC West, however, was signing up dealers. “Our products are innovative, our technology is fairly unique … and our customer service is second to none. There’s lots of opportunity for dealers throughout the U.S.,” said King.