VideoProtein, Avisere partner to offer open solution for centrals and end users

Thursday, May 11, 2006

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--After meeting at TechSec Solutions, an IP-ready security technology conference held in Savannah this past February, two companies partnered to combine remote video monitoring with intelligent video analytics in an open security and business management solution. They together provide newly detailed and integrated information to end users, such as instant notification when someone enters an area of interest in real time, video verification, intrusion detection and a count of the number of people in a field of view.
The companies, VideoProtein, a remote monitoring and surveillance systems company based here, and Avisere, a manufacturer of video analytic algorithms of Tucson, Ariz., did their first system install in late April and could not disclose the central that they worked with as of press time. However, the mid-sized central carried many DVR brands for video monitoring. Having open architecture systems and interfaces, the solution integrates with multiple vendors and creates drivers for devices that centrals support. The solution was a fit for this central.
"That's why we decided to go ahead with it," said Anthony Pugliese, president of VideoProtein.
"We are doing it on a project by project basis since our turn around to build a driver could be less than 60 days," he said. "We plan on eventually covering the majority of the leaders [manufacturers] of the industry in the custom work that we will do."
Having an open and compatible system bodes well for the manufacturer partnership, as there has been more chatter in the industry about standards for video monitoring. "We want to be the stickiness between the things that are going on. We see ourselves as an enabler. Because we can take the pieces and make them work together," he said.
When surveying the market, Roger Undagen, president and chief executive officer of Avisere, said, "Most human detections out there that work can be very cumbersome with a lot of customization and tuning of the algorithms. People are struggling with deploying true human detection in an off-the-shelf product." He hopes to change that with this collaboration.
As IP begins to make a stronger presence in the market, "small businesses are looking for a cheaper solution," Pugliese said. VideoProtein also offers an asp (application service provider) model, which eliminates the DVR at the end user site.
Integrating the solution at a central station becomes less expensive on number of fronts, noted Pugliese: "They do not have to get another work station, it can be integrated with their alarm system."