Viisage identifies Pakistan’s security needs

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, December 2, 2004

December 2, 2004

BILLERICA, Mass. - Viisage has signed a contract with the National Database and Registration Authority, an independent corporate organization in Pakistan, to integrate the company’s face recognition technology into Pakistan’s smart passport and national identification program.
The program, headed by the NADRA and sponsored by the Pakistani government, is designed to enhance national security and assist in preventing identity theft, fraud and the use of unauthorized documents.
NADRA will use Viisage’s FaceTools product to conduct one-to-one face recognition searches against recorded images in its national ID database. Additionally, Viisage’s FaceExplorer will be used to identify duplicates in the database, as well as checking records against watch lists. Pakistan’s national database includes more than 40 million images.
Based here, Viisage is a provider of identity solutions.