Village of Romeo, Mich. cracks down on frequent false alarms

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ROMEO, Mich.--According to an April 29 story in the Romeo Observer, the village of Romeo Police Department has amended the alarm system ordinance with tougher guidelines that will penalize homeowners and businesses for frequent false alarms. Under the old ordinance, six false alarms were allowed in a calendar year, Chief Greg Paduch told the Village Board at its April 20 meeting. Now, only two false alarms will be permitted without a fine. Paduch said in the past it wasn't unusual for police to routinely respond to the same business three to five times per month. Under the new ordinance, a letter will be sent to the business or homeowner when they have reached two false dispatches. On the third false alarm, they will be fined $50, the fourth will carry a $100 fine, the fifth will be $200 and the sixth will be $300. False dispatches six and up earn a fine of $500. Offenders have 30 days to pay the fine. The board voted to approve the amended ordinance 6-0.