Vision Security responds to ADT lawsuit story

Thursday, July 30, 2009

OREM, Utah—The fact that ADT was suing one of his employees was news to him, Bryan Brothers, chief administrative officer for Vision Security, told Security Systems News on July 24.

A July 23 story, “ADT, Monitronics sue door-to-door salespeople, call for code of ethics,” said that an employee of Vision Security, a small summer-model alarm company based here, was being sued by ADT for deceitful sales practices.

In the original story, Security Systems News was unable to reach Vision Security for comment. Brothers called Security Systems News July 24 to say that the company (which is not being sued) was unaware of the lawsuit.

“I understand why ADT would have an issue with this person’s conduct; we would too,” Brothers said. Brothers said he understands that because ADT is suing the employee and not Vision Security, ADT did not have an obligation to contact Vision. However, Brothers believes ADT should have contacted his company.

“ADT has not been in communication with us. I think they’re trying to make us an example and I think that’s a little unfair,” he said.

Brothers said his company is a small company that does about 5,000 accounts per year. It has controlled growth and is very careful with its hiring and training. It also has controls in place, specifically pre-installation calls that ensure that a customer knows who Vision Security is and fully understands the alarm contract.

The employee in question was a “rogue employee,” and one who would be disciplined or dismissed, had this conduct been brought to the company’s attention, Brothers said.

Brothers said he likes the idea of an industry code of ethics, as suggested by ADT. “I understand their goal, but I think the best way to accomplish that would be to have a civil conversation,” he said. “Sit down. Take the gloves off and get something accomplished.”