VoIP solution 2.0

Friday, February 1, 2008

OJAI, Calif.--NextAlarm.com, an alarm monitoring services and technology company based here, on Dec. 20 released an upgrade to its VoIPAlarm 2 alarm signal transmission platform giving its dealers the ability to remotely access and program alarm panels over IP.
"Dealers need to have the ability to call into alarm systems to program and change the alarm systems," said Bryan Field-Elliot, chief technology officer for NextAlarm.com. "They lose that ability when their customers move to broadband and now we are giving them a way to call back into the system."
NextAlarm.com uses its Alarm Broadband Network (ABN) technology to convert existing telephone-based security alarm systems to communicate over a broadband connection. This new upgrade, which is free for VoIPAlarm dealers, allows its dealers to reconfigure their existing ABN adapters specifically for downloading, allowing their customers' systems to be programmed over broadband exactly as if over a telephone line.
The VoIPAlarm technology transcodes the subscriber's alarm signal from analog to digital through to VoIPAlarm's head-end and then transmits the signal to the central station via POTS or IP, creating a Contact ID signal exactly like an alarm panel calling a central station directly.
"I certainly see an opportunity for this kind of product," said Wells Sampson, president of American Alarm & Communications in Arlington, Mass. "The idea of being able to remotely program over the Internet virtually instantaneously as opposed to four or five minutes to download, there can be a big advantage there."