VoIPAlarm.com partners with Canadian monitoring company

Thursday, May 8, 2008

OJAI, Calif.--VoIPAlarm.com, the reseller and dealer division of NextAlarm.com, announced in April a partnership with API Alarm Monitoring, a Canadian monitoring provider, to offer the VoIPAlarm IP signal transmission service. "This partnership allows API to give its dealers the option to start monitoring customers over broadband, even if the installed alarm is made for POTS," said Bryan Field-Elliot, chief technology officer at VoIPAlarm.
This is VoIPAlarm's first major partnership with a large Canadian monitoring company.
VoIPAlarm's modified VoIP hardware and codecs convert the alarm signal into small, simple data packets, which are transferred to the central station via the Internet. The service also adds several Internet-based features to existing alarm systems. "Dealers have the option to give customers a URL address [and the ability to] log-in and look at their alarm status and history as well as set up notifications," said Field-Elliot. Customers can be notified via email, SMS text messages and instant message.
VoIPAlarm is compatible with any alarm system that supports Contact ID reporting format. Dealers must install a VoIPAlarm adapter, which is available at ADI stores, and plugs into the existing phone line of most alarm systems.