Voxcom to deploy iControl’s remote access technology

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

EDMONTON, Alberta and PALO ALTO, Calif. - Voxcom Security Systems, the second largest provider of residential and commercial security in Canada, announced on Feb. 12 a partnership with iControl Networks, a provider of Web-based residential security solutions. IControl has leased its Home Security 2.0 solution to Voxcom, which will be rolled out in the summer of this year, said Paul Dawes, chief executive officer of iControl. Voxcom will deploy the solution through its dealer network and retail channels, he said.
“Voxcom customers can upgrade their current security systems to support the functionality of Home Security 2.0, which includes the ability to remotely access their security systems from the Web or mobile devices,” said Dawes. IControl’s system currently supports GE and Honeywell products and the company is adding support for other manufacturers, said Dawes.
IControl will integrate its iHub technology, a home security router that plugs into the home network and connects wirelessly to security panels, IP cameras, sensors and Z-Wave automation devices, allowing Voxcom customers more control over their systems. Using iControl’s technology, Voxcom customers will be able to receive alarm notifications as well as access, control and program their home security and automation systems via their PCs or mobile devices.
Gilles Prefontaine, strategy and planning head at Voxcom monitoring division ARM, said that the company spent about two years searching for ways to enhance its service offerings to its customers. “We were looking at how we could increase a customer’s use of [his or her] system, because what we found was the more a customer uses [his or her] system, the more it’s part of [his or her] day-to-day life, the more [he or she sees the] value in that system, and that’s key because with any service, if it becomes an essential service, people are more likely to retain the service or, for that matter, pick up more services,” he said. “Our relationship with iControl started when we began looking at some of the newer hardware on the market that allows us to integrate IP or wireless technology, cellular technology and then integrating that with IP video and such into our system,” he said.
IControl’s technology allows the integration of IP video cameras, for example, into residential security offerings, enabling customers to monitor and self-verify alarms. However, customers can also maintain traditional central station monitoring through Voxcom’s Active Response Monitoring services. “Home Security 2.0 enhances the traditional security system, not replaces it,” said Dawes. “We’re not suggesting that people don’t need monitoring, because monitoring is a valuable feature to the equation. We’re adding value to the system and allowing the consumer to have more control over their system.” SSN