VRI unloads its security business

Sunday, February 1, 2004

SPRINGBORO, Ohio - Valued Relationships Inc., a provider of medical response monitoring, has sold its security division to Alarm Capital Alliance, a specialty security lender based in Woodlyn, Penn.
According to Darren Tor-rence of VRI, the company shed its just under 300 security accounts to focus on its medical monitoring business. He said VRI’s employees in the Spring-boro headquarters will not be affected by the sale, which had been in the works for several months.

Torrence said VRI decided to exit the security business because its operation hadn’t been as healthy as the company’s other operations.

“We got out of security because it is less profitable and didn’t really fit well with our emphasis on personal emergency response and the opening of our call center, as well as the addition of medication management and vital signs monitoring,” he said.

Because the security component of VRI’s business made up such a small portion of VRI’s 15,000 accounts, Torrence said the company felt its security accounts would be better in the hands of a more security-focused company.

“We also believed the customers would be better served in the long term by someone focusing on security, and ACA has been a good fit,” he said. “Security was really getting somewhat ignored since it was so small.”
VRI’s former security division operated out of the Cincinnati-Dayton area. Alarm Capital has contracted Henderson Security of Loveland and Customized Security of Hamilton for continuing service and installation services. Both Henderson and Customized have an existing relationship with Alarm Capital.