Web site acquisition provides company with muscle to take on a monster

National recruitment firm scares up second job portal
Tuesday, March 1, 2005

IRVINE, Calif. - Watch out Monster.com, there is a new online job recruitment site in town that promises to help anyone in the electronic security industry sleep at night.

Martin Alexander Search, a national recruitment firm based here, acquired the domain name www.electronicsecurityjobs.com, a portal that posts available jobs within the industry, for an undisclosed sum from an unnamed seller.

The firm launched its own web site in 2002, as a job database and information center for people and companies looking for professional positions in the security field.

Eric Freedman, general partner at the firm, said the company intends to fold the acquired web site into its own. The move, he said, will expand the scope of available positions and opportunities for both candidates and hiring mangers.

As companies continue to expand within the United States and globally, the job recruitment market grows along with them. According to Freedman, the company’s web site, Wildbullet.com, receives an average of 650,000 hits per month.

Founded in 1997, the company works with 70 companies within the security industry.

Martin Alexander Search traditionally has focused on the recruiting efforts of smaller companies that might not be able to afford executive headhunter services.

“It’s a cost effective approach to the hiring needs of smaller companies,” said Freedman.

But, the company doesn’t turn its back to the larger players in the industry. Just like the smaller firms, it encourages the use of online job sites as an alternative to newspaper classifieds.

“Our clients range from the mom and pop dealer to national companies,” he said.

This mix of clients has led to a spike in growth at the company. In the last 13 months, the firm has grown 30 percent. Freedman declined to disclose revenue figures.

Martin Alexander Search, Freedman said, focuses on its client’s needs by working directly with the individual companies to shape and market an ad that will speak to the interest of potential employees.

The portal it operates provides links to information that is needed when individuals are on a job hunt, such as interview tips and pertinent.

“We have a spell checker option for resumes before it gets posted,” he added.

Not only have companies used the site, but end users are taking advantage, as well.

Freedman has noticed a trend that end users are placing ads to find technicians for jobs.

“The long term growth objective is a single source provider of job posting in the industry," he said. “We want to become a household name.”