What’s inside counts

Visonic’s new life-safety line addresses internal threats
Saturday, November 1, 2008

BLOOMFIELD, Conn.--Internal threats to the home-from things like fire, carbon monoxide and flooding-are as worrisome to homeowners as external security threats, said Mike Streeter, sales and operations manager for manufacturer Visonic Americas. That’s why, he predicted, dealers will like a new life-safety series that Visonic has introduced.

The new line includes fully supervised wireless detectors comprising CO, smoke, natural gas, temperature, and water-leak detectors. Some products are entirely new, others are updated products. “CO detectors are brand new for us,” said Streeter. “We sell it in other parts of the world, but it’s just finishing up with UL listing now.” Visonic decided to get into CO detectors, in part, because several states are now requiring them in housing, he said.

“Talking with different customers and dealers, we keep hearing that they want to address the needs of their customers on the internal protection issues,” Streeter said. There’s always the threat of an intruder, he said, but homeowners are also concerned about the “threats from within. Natural disasters such as floods, unforeseen plumbing issues can affect their homes,” and with winter coming, customers worry about CO. For dealers, these products provide “a perfect add-on [to security systems] at existing accounts, [and allow them to offer] something more, to protect other areas.”