What’s in a name

CCTV Imports adds biometrics, audio
Sunday, June 1, 2008

NEW ORLEANS--Despite what the name of the company might imply, there is now more to CCTV Imports that just video. This spring, the company has added lines of fingerprint biometric and whole house audio equipment, all of it imported, of course.

“Being in Los Angeles now,” said company chief executive officer and president Kevin Lazaroe, “we have a lot more walk-in customers, which was never our market. CCTV to them is a niche, while access control and audio is their main line of business. So we thought, why not carry their main product lines?”

For the audio portion, CCTV Imports has added the Zon (pronounced “zone”) line. Lazaroe cited the company’s technology as its primary attraction, as well as the customer support. “They flew down, trained all of our sales reps,” he said. “We looked at a few of the other companies out there and we felt this was the best product in the market.”

For the biometrics, CCTV Imports has used its contacts in China to develop a manufacturing relationship similar to the one used to develop its Cinturon in-house camera line. “We toured about 12 different factories,” Lazaroe said, “and made sure that whoever was supplying the product would make sure that the product line would work well with the DVRs. My general manager over there did a lot of the leg work and checked the quality control.” CCTV now sells time-and-attendance modules and biometric door readers.

So far, both product line additions have been well received, Lazaroe said. Currently, CCTV remains 95 percent of revenue, “but we’re projecting the audio and biometrics to be 20 percent of the business by the end of the year,” he said. “Ninety five percent of our biggest customers were at ISC West,” he noted, “and the feedback was overwhelming. Quite a few of our customers have already agreed to carry the new stuff.”

With a philosophy that aims to provide integrators a “one-stop-shop,” look for CCTV Imports to continue to broaden its portfolio, Lazaroe said.