What’s the value of networking? Priceless

Saturday, March 1, 2003

Editor, Security Systems News

Sometimes I can’t say this word enough – networking, networking, networking. It’s such an important part of business these days and one can not do enough to highlight its value.

Why is networking so important in how you do business? Because networking can open your eyes to new market opportunities, whether it’s the advantages of adding fire systems installation to your already solid security business or the chance to partner with a neighboring firm to bring a broader level of products and services to your customers.

Simply put, networking is about the sharing of information and learning what others do to succeed.

There are many networking events held each year in our industry, from The Barnes Buchanon Conference, SIA Corporate Security Round Table, PSA Security Network Conference, Securing New Ground, Connections, CSAA, ISC, ASIS and more. The list goes on and on, with even manufacturers getting into the foray by hosting their own seminars to promote networking and the sharing of information.

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a networking event, the PSA Security Network Conference.

What made this event so productive and valuable to many of those attending is the enthusiasm of its participants. Not only were participants eager to gain insight from educational courses, but also by networking with other members. Talks ranged from how to keep trained technicians on staff to how much a company pays for a contractor to pull wire.

People in this industry are thirsty for information from their peers and an atmosphere to share information. But unfortunately it seems like it’s only the select few, mostly the same companies, who take advantage of these opportunities.

Some of it may be cost related. Without a question, it can be expensive, especially when you total up airfare, hotel, food and the cost for training seminars.

But in the long run, isn’t the investment worth it? Wouldn’t it be fair to say if you invest now in your company to train your technicians and provide continued education to your sales force through seminars that you’ll be better off in the long run?

The value of networking is priceless.