WHIRC and HS3 shake hands

AMS no longer part of deal
Friday, June 1, 2007

ROCKFORD, Minn. and DENVER-- WH International Response Center, a national provider of central station monitoring and security dealer support services, and high-tech security solutions provider HS3 Technologies are one step closer to formulating a partnership. As Security Systems News goes to print, HS3's executive consultant over operations, Dave Reding, said he believed the deal between HS3 and WHIRC would be hammered out soon. A letter of intent was initially signed between the two companies and American Monitoring Services, who is no longer part of the deal, in late March. (When contacted, Manny Arias, chief information officer for AMS, chose not to comment on this story.)
As of May 4, "the intent is to formulate the partnership in the next 2 weeks. We're going to roll out in the middle of June time frame, our first training classes to various dealers within the WHIRC program will start middle of June, and we expect to be up and running by beginning of July." Wendy Youngren, business manager of WHIRC, also present during the call, concurred.
"WHIRC and HS3 are moving forward with our program development to provide remote video monitoring and other combined services. We are very excited about this relationship," said Youngren.
HS3, which stands for Homeland Security System Solutions, provides custom security solutions for commercial, residential, government and military applications, including DVRs, biometric access control, personal biometric identification units and wireless internet-linked satellite surveillance systems and remote monitoring services. HS3 is a national provider of security solutions that offers technologies and services through a national authorized dealer and distribution program.
Going forward, HS3 will provide remote video and biometric access control to WHIRC's network of 250 dealers and 40,000 monitoring customers. "The partnering of these companies' products and services will bring new opportunities to security dealers to provide affordable video monitoring, especially for their commercial customers," said Youngren.
Mark Lana, president and chief executive officer of HS3 said, "The partnership is just a synergy of things. HS3 is the tech side and WHIRC had the dealer program to offer... We have the product and they have the method of distribution."