Why two centrals chose IP

Thursday, June 1, 2006

SOUTH MIAMI, Fla.; LACEY, Wash.--Operating in opposite regions of North America, Central Alarm Control and Alarm Center, Inc., both added IP-based monitoring from UHS this spring.
"It's a product that a lot of dealers know that they are going to need in the future," Central Alarm Control, Russ Jones, Jr., vice president of operations said.
For Jones, the integration of the UHS product was seamless for the central's 150 dealers spanning North America, south Florida, and South America. Although he admitted, "It is something that right now its still in its infancy ... with more and more people switching over to Internet-based phones, it is going to become a huge part of the security industry."
For Alarm Center, Inc., whose 135 dealers are dotted through the western United States, the central wanted an open system that could integrate with its existing automation system.
Both centrals wanted to stay ahead of the curve with IP-based alarm monitoring. "As the switchover happens, our dealers can just move along with it, and not have to scramble and find other ways," Jones said.
Not only is it a solution for customers who are on VoIP, it provides a reliable path for traditional customers as well, added Doug Beaulieu president at Alarm Center.
Jack McCurdy, general manager of UHS, and the company's technicians travel around the country to train customers and industry associations about the technology.
"We are trying to [educate people] that IP communications is swiftly overtaking the alarm industry, whether it is our solution or someone else's solution," McCurdy said. "If it is not affecting them right now, it will be affecting them soon."
Similarly, the centrals want to be in a position where their dealers have all of the solutions in front of them.
"We know this is slow process, there is a lot education that still has to occur," Beaulieu said.