Wireless touted as next wave

Sunday, December 1, 2002

Despite the fairly rapid changes taking place in the video transmission market, spurred by the acceptance of digital technology and improved bandwidth and compression scenarios, industry players are already looking ahead to the next wave of technology.

Craig Scott, director of marketing and product management for Silent Witness, said "the next move is to wireless. We see a whole pile of technology coming out in the next 18 months."

Despite what he called "the old school in security that says there's nothing more secure than a cable," wireless will enter the market in a bigger way "as we bring the cost of transmission down."

Ben Donahue, director of product development for Axcess Inc., concurred that wireless technology is a "doable" option down the road.

"Most transmitters can run on a wireless backbone," he noted, though he added currently "not that many (cameras) have a wireless transmitter in them."

Mike Girton, product manager at Optelecom, said he hasn't run into wireless a lot, mostly because "it has the same bandwidth limitations as with IP."