Xanboo bridges security with home automation

Friday, February 1, 2008

NEW YORK, N.Y.--Xanboo, a developer and manufacturer of remote monitoring technology, announced on Oct. 26 a new line of interface modules bridging security panels and home automation systems, allowing end users to control both systems remotely from a PC or mobile device.
Xanboo, which developed the backend architecture, devices and support system for AT&T's Remote Monitor system for residential and small business automation monitoring, released a bridging device that allows Honeywell, GE Security or DSC security panels to be remotely monitored in conjunction with home automation systems. The bridging device, in the form of an additional keypad connected to the security panel, communicates wirelessly to a gateway device installed at the premise that enables the end user to remotely control both their home monitoring and security systems.
"Our bridging device is a parallel device, meaning it enables you to remotely arm and disarm your security system, know its status and track events, but it doesn't disrupt the existing link between the security panel and the central station," said Bill Diamond, chief executive officer and co-founder of Xanboo.
In addition, Xanboo offers central station monitoring through an unnamed monitoring firm that allows its dealers to "plug the bridging device in and, in effect, hijack an existing security panel in the home and send the signal to our central station partner," Diamond said. Having those options is "a powerful thing for a dealer," he said.