Xanboo chooses C.O.P.S. for AT&T monitoring deal

Saturday, November 1, 2008

NEW YORK--New Jersey-based nationwide central station C.O.P.S. Monitoring in September announced the launch of Xanboo Interactive Services to its base of security dealers. Xanboo Interactive Services will allow C.O.P.S. dealers to provide not only regular security system monitoring services, but also the ability for end users to control a variety of services and functions remotely. Further, C.O.P.S. dealers will be invited to apply for membership to the AT&T Remote Monitor Dealer Program.

Xanboo vice president of sales Robin McVey said Xanboo is excited to be working with C.O.P.S. “Number one,” he said, “they’re one of the industry leaders.”

McVey said the service will give dealers the ability to offer end users remote control of environmental variables like heat and lights in addition to letting them view alarm-triggered video live. Users will also be able to retrieve cached pre- and post-alarm video from their secure account, which resides on Xanboo’s servers.

Of the partnership with Xanboo, Jim McMullen, president and COO of C.O.P.S., said “They complement what we do and what our customers do. It’s something that our dealers can easily sell to their customers.”

McMullen said that the main reasons the partnership with Xanboo made sense were value and no-hype, cutting-edge ease. “It will help our dealers increase their monthly RMR with very little upfront cost. We looked at the marketplace of different systems and we felt that this was one of the most reliable systems out there. I mean it actually does what it says it does, and you don’t need a fleet of IT guys to install it. It can communicate without you having to make any changes to your firewall or previous settings.”

The Xanboo Interactive Services powered by AT&T Remote Monitor program has two packages available. The first is the Remote Monitor package, which is monitored solely by the end user and is priced at $24.95 for residential and $29.95 for small businesses. The upgrade is Remote Monitor Pro, which gives the end user professional monitoring and support by C.O.P.S., and will cost $44.95 for residential and $49.95 for small businesses.

From a growth standpoint, McVey said he is excited to team with C.O.P.S. and its dealers. “Xanboo Interactive Services powered by AT&T Remote Monitor will now be able to partner with any panel out there,” he said.